"We exist to craft the built environments which enrich experiences of the people in them."

Alex McCulloch  |  Founder


your positive built environment


You're going to love working with us. But customers having a great experience isn’t a mission. Its a result. And our mission? We challenge common methods and paradigms in traditional construction. In a world of tract housing and cookie-cutter commercial buildings, we believe that everyone desires a positive experience in their built environment. So whether you're sitting in your doctor's office in Clermont or around the dinner table in Winter Garden, we want to be the company to have designed and built those environments. With your positive experience, spiritual and emotional wellbeing in mind.

the promise

what you can expect from us

When things are built with intent, it bleeds through. Being a design-build company help us to start with the experience we want give the people inhabiting our structures and the feelings they experience in them. When we experience nature, we’re existing in an experiential environment created by God. As humans, we have the power to create that too. And so when we design and build something, we’re partnering with God in the creative process.

Part of this is leaving things better than we found them. We know what people say about construction crews. And we clean up after ourselves so you don't have to. We also have a dedicated customer-focused project manager to keep you in-the-know so you don't feel left in the dark in the process of constructing (or renovating!) your built environment. 

the story


Founder Alex McCulloch worked in concrete and construction since age 17. Specializing in architectural precast concrete was the name of the game. This evolved into wanting to build and develop more, bigger things. So while he started in the family business, Alex eventually went out on his own and established McCulloch Masonry & Construction in 2011.

We're not interested in building skyscrapers. We exist to craft built environments and living communities to enrich the lives of the people in them. So whether its someone's trip to their chiropractor in Clermont or dinner around the family table in Winter Garden, we want to have a hand in designing and building those environments.

When sitting in a grimy place which wasn’t built with people in mind, you can tell. You sense it, but you might not know what you’re sensing. You may feel depressed and not know why. We exist to do something about this!

the team


We're a team of builders, project managers, designers (and even cleaners!) who exist to design, build and renovate new places. Or just improve existing ones (and leave them cleaner than we found them!)

Many of us live in the spec/tract housing typical of Central Florida. We're a living example of people who made cookie cutter homes feel custom using natural materials to bring warmth and texture into our own built environments. And we can do it for you, too!