Your Pinterest Worthy Home

Pinterest makes it look so easy. We've been there! Let our guys come do it for you. Shh...we won't tell anyone you didn't DIY.


Shiplap Walls

Rough and ready, shiplap walls can add a warmth and texture to your space. Stain em, paint em white or leave em raw!


Interior Brick & Stone

Interior brick  or stone walls can add an incredible wow factor to your space. Especially new-builds which can feel a bit cookie cutter. Interior brick adds warmth, texture, character and charm.


Wood Beams

Add old world character and charm with wood beams.


Wood panel walls

A bit different than ship-lap walls (which are more raw). Add depth and warmth to your home with a stained wood panel wall. Perfect for feature walls, kitchen islands or even ceilings.


Stone Fire Pits

Make use of your backyard space with a custom built stone fire pit. Our master masons can build any shape or size.

 "In a world of tract housing, we believe that everyone desires a positive experience in their built environment. At McCulloch, many of us live in the spec housing typical of Central Florida. We're a living example of people who made cookie-cutter homes feel custom using natural materials to bring warmth and texture. And we can do it for you, too! "

Alex McCulloch   |   Founder

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